The All-Parliamentary Parliamentary Group on Hate Crime brings together Parliamentarians, civil society, law enforcement, academics, and specialist support agencies to improve public knowledge and awareness of hate crime in the UK.

Its purpose is not to privilege one form of hatred or racism but to improve public confidence in reporting incidents, to share the best practice among agencies and to understand the drivers of hate crime across society – be it in schools, the workplace, on social media, on transport networks or public areas.

An inclusive approach to hate crime work is also an acknowledgement that our identities are manifold, and some will experience multiple forms of racism and discrimination, or some will face hatred, racism, and hostility on the assumption of religious identity. Regarding the former, around 5% of hate crime offences in England and Wales in 2016/17 had multiple ‘motivating factors’ but this largely concerned racial and religious hate crime. This intersectionality of hate is something of particular interest to the APPG on Hate Crime.

At the core of the APPG’s work is to ensure access to justice and a sense of outcome for victims of hate incidents.

Find out more about hate crime here. The APPG is currently running an inquiry into how community cohesion can be built when hate crime is on the rise. For more information and to submit evidence, visit the Inquiry page.